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Doodhvale: Bringing Quality And Transparency To a Fragmented Market

Doodhvale is revolutionising the Indian dairy and daily essentials market with its innovative and technology-enabled approach.

By producing high-quality products and implementing rigorous quality testing across the supply chain. Doodhvale is addressing the traditionally broken, adulterated, and highly customer-exploited market.

By providing their customers hassle-free, transparent and daily doorstep delivery of fresh products.

Doodhvale has emerged as a reliable and trustworthy brand. Currently serving across Delhi-NCR, the brand has ambitious plans to expand its footprint in the next 12 months.

The company’s customer-first approach. coupled with its focus on profitable has resulted in a remarkable 90% plus retention rate and two consecutive years of positive EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation).

To support its continued growth and expansion, Doodhvale has welcomed Aman J Jain as its CEO.

Aman jain is an IIM-Bangalore alumnus, and brings extensive experience in building and scaling successful startups, including his notable contributions to OYO, as well as his consulting background with firms like BCG and Accenture Strategy

Aman jain will work alongside the founding team and board, which includes chief technology officer Sanjay Kumar, chief operating officer Ishu Jain, and chief finance officer Sudhir Jain, all of whom bring their own wealth of experience in building technology-enabled ventures.