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Bakery Products In Delhi

No Preservatives

100% Natural

White Sandwich Bread

White bread is prepared using Refined Wheat flour, Butter, Sunflower oil, Milk solid, Sugar, Yeast and Salt.


Quantity: 400gm

MRP: Rs55.00

No Preservatives

100% Natural

Brown Bread

Brown bread prepared using Refined Wheat flour, Whole Wheat, Bajra, Ragi flour, Caramel, Butter, Sunflower oil, Salt and Sugar. 


Quantity: 400gm

MRP: Rs60.00

No Preservatives

100% Natural

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is prepared using wheat flour, sugar, soyabean oil, refined wheat flour, yeast, iodized salt, fermented, wheat flour, rich source of protein, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and sodium. Our bread is 100% chemical free, contiain natural ingredients.


Quantity: 400gm

MRP: Rs62.00

Multigrain Bread pouch

No Preservatives

100% Natural

Fresh Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread is prepared using Atta, Ragi, Bajra, Maida, Butter, Honey, Pumpkin seeds, Caramel, sunflower seeds, sugar, yeat and salt. Our bread is 100% chemical free, contains natural ingredients.


Quantity: 400gm

MRP: Rs71.00

Our Bread Varieties: Balancing Preferences And Nutrition

Fresh Whole Wheat Bread: Doodhvale’s Whole Wheat Bread is prepared using 100% Wheat flour. Our breads are 100% chemical-free and made from natural ingredients. Bread is a widely chosen option, so we ensure that there are no added preservatives or any adulteration of any kind. 

Fresh White Sandwich Bread: Sandwich bread, as the name suggests, is specifically made to be used in sandwiches. White bread is easy to digest and helps treat diarrhoea.  Like other products, it is made with natural ingredients and is completely chemical-free.

Fresh Brown Bread: Most of the brown breads in market are made using hydrogenated oils, Azodicarbonamide, Artificial colours. However, Doodhvale prepares bread with ingredients like all natural ingredients like Wheat flours, Ragi flour, Bajra, Salt, Butter, and sunflower oil. Brown bread has multiple nutritional advantages that white bread does not have. Whole grains added to brown bread contribute to an increased intake of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

In order to maintain overall health, whole wheat flour used in brown bread contains both soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre is advantageous for lowering cholesterol levels and stabilising blood sugar, while insoluble fibre promotes regular bowel movements by increasing bulk in the stool. Brown bread by Doodhvale is perfect for fitness freaks.

Fresh Multigrain Bread: Multigrain bread is a healthier option than regular bread. Doodhvale’s fresh multigrain bread incorporates a combination of Atta, Ragi, Bajra, and Maida. Additionally, it includes sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and honey. We ensure that our bread products are free of preservatives and undergo rigorous quality testing before being delivered to your doorstep fresh.

Buy Bakery Products In Delhi NCR Through The App

Use the Doodhvale app to buy a range of fresh bakery products like White Sandwich Bread, Fresh Brown Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Fresh Multigrain Bread and more. Find a product that suits your family’s daily nutrient requirements and preferences.

User-friendly: Our app is designed in a way to makes it easier for users to browse and navigate. With well-defined categories, detailed product descriptions and nutritional information to help you find what you need.

Secure payments: Safety is the priority on the Doodhvale app. We support secure payment options, like UPI, net banking, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets. Safeguarding your transactions and financial data. For more convenience, you can opt for our autopay feature or subscription to make payments every month.

Premium Subscription: For daily needs, you can subscribe to our premium membership and get benefits worth Rs. 500 each month and of course timely delivery daily without having to pay every time. 

Free Premium Membership Trial Offer: New to Doodhvale? Take advantage of our latest premium one-month trial offer. You can get the benefits of our premium membership for one month free of cost. Get up to 33% off on all products.

Buy Fresh Bread Online From Doodhvale & Its Benefits

Order bread online through the Doodhvale app or website. Buying products online has revolutionised how we shop for daily essentials by providing convenience and value for money. Offline bread consumers often face issues like not so fresh, adulterated, limited quantity, and bad-quality bread with delivery issues or expired products. Additionally, the traditional breads also heavily use artificial chemicals and preservatives to elongate the shelf life, or provide artificial softness to the bread. 

It’s always a chore to order bread in a big city like Delhi, but with brands like Doodhvale, we can guarantee the quality of the bread. Doodhvale is now the one driving change and providing customers with a satisfying buying experience with the following:

Variety for every preference: With our multiple bread types, every family member’s or individual’s bread preferences and nutritional needs have been catered to. Whether it’s brown bread or white sandwich bread, be it for the kid’s quick breakfast or the health-conscious. People trust our app and website to bring bakery products to their doorsteps.

Morning Milk Delivery: You have the option to receive morning milk delivery daily or as needed based on your preferences. Fresh bread is guaranteed to be delivered every morning in a protected environment to ensure quality and consistency.

Trustworthy Quality: We make sure that the bread we offer is not only fresh but also meets multiple quality standards. Our commitment to quality means that you can enjoy pleasure while sitting back and munching on bread.

Doodhvale’s proposition in Fresh Bakery section lies on 3 core pillars

  1. 100% Clean Label Products – You see what you get, no hidden ingredient
  2. 100% Natural – There are no chemicals used in manufacturing only natural ingredients are used
  3. Freshly Baked without any chemical preservatives: Products are freshly oven baked at specialised facilities. 

When you buy fresh bread online and choose a brand like Doodhvale, you get freshly baked products. Doodhvale also makes sure that your family gets additive-free, warm, fresh, and tasty bread. We deliver bakery products straight from our bakeries after running multiple quality checks and tests with minimal to zero additives.

You can purchase a wide variety of fresh bakery products, including 100% Wholewheat bread, White sandwich bread, Brown bread, Fresh Multigrain bread, Cookies, Rusks, Fans, and other options, using the Doodhvale app. Select a bread that suits the taste and preferences of your family.

We understand that fresh bread is important, which is why we guarantee early morning deliveries, fresh production to ensure you have fresh bread. You can order fresh bread online every morning and use it any way you want.