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Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk, Not So Tough a Choice?

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Milk is considered a natural beverage consumed by humans for ages.

There are varieties of milk available for consumption. But buffalo milk and cow milk stand out as popular choices.

These two varieties of milk are mostly preferred by milk lovers.

This guide will be based on a deep comparison between cow milk Vs buffalo milk.

We will consider their nutritional profiles while exploring more suitable milk varieties for different age groups.

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Cow milk and buffalo milk, though sharing the milky origin, differ in their compositions, richness and digestibility. 

Let’s understand the difference between them-

Buffalo Milk:

    • Buffalo milk is comparatively thicker than cow milk due to low water content. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

    • Buffalo milk comprises more fat and calories as compared to cow milk and is also a rich source of calcium. The presence of an adequate amount of calcium makes it a perfect choice for people trying to achieve certain health goals.

    • Buffalo milk has nominal cholesterol

    • Buffalo milk is not ideal for children as it is rich in fat and can lead to health problems like indigestion and diarrhoea.

 Cow Milk:

    • Cow milk can be digested easily, and the protein and fat present in it are easily processable by our digestive system.

    • Cow milk includes vitamins and minerals, making it a preferable choice for overall health and development.

    • Cow milk is more beneficial for children. It adds to intellectual growth and serves as a convenient alternative in the absence of a mother’s milk.

    • Cow milk becomes a healthier option for those who have digestive problems as compared to buffalo milk.

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This chart will help you understand the nutritional content of 100ml Buffalo milk VS Cow Milk:

Nutritional Chart

Nutrition                                      Buffalo Milk (per 100ml)         Cow Milk (per 100 ml)
 Water  81.1%  87.8%
 Protein  4.5g  3.2g
 Fat  8g  3.9g
 Carbohydrate  4.9g  4.8g
 Energy  110kcl  66kcl
 Sugar (lactose)  4.8g  4.8g
 Saturated Fat  4.2g  2.4g
 Calcium  195ug  120ug

This table will help you understand the minerals content in Cow milk and Buffalo Milk

Minerals  Buffalo Milk   Cow Milk
Calcium   0.18%   0.12%
Phosphorous   0.14%   0.10%
Magnesium   0.02%   0.01%
Sodium   0.004%   0.05%
Potassium   0.11%   0.15%
Chloride   0.07%   0.11%
Citrate   0.18%   0.18%

Let’s sum up the overall comparison between Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

Features Buffalo Milk  Cow Milk
Suitable For Adults Infants and Adults
Consistency Thick Thin
Color White Golden Yellow
Digestibility Not Easily Digestible Very Easily Digestible
Fat Content More Less
Calories More Fewer
Water Content Less More
Protein Content More Slightly Less
Carbohydrates Slightly More Slightly Less
Fatty Acid More saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated Less saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated
Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous More Less
Vitamin A More  Fewer, but good in Vitamin E
Sulfur Content Probably Less  Probably More – Good for Active Brain
Preservation Longer time naturally  Can’t be preserved for a longer time naturally
Daily Milk Yield 10lit from a good buffalo  20 lit from a good cow
Pathogenic Micoorganisms  More in raw buffalo milk  Less in raw cow milk
Iodine Content  Less  More
Weight Measurement  Good for weight gain  Good for weight loss
Sodium Potassium, Chloride  Less  More
Antioxidants, Tocopherol  More  Slightly Less
Suitable For Eczema, Psoriasis, Lactose intolerant people, IBS  Not Suitable Eczema, Psoriasis, Lactose intolerant people, IBS
Ghee Stability Less prone to Hydrolytic rancidity More Prone to Hydrolytic rancidity
Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio More  Little Less
Ghee Texture Good Grainy Texture  Not Good Grainy Texture


Whether it’s cow milk or buffalo milk both are good and have their unique qualities, making them suitable for different purposes and different types of people. While buffalo milk is thicker and white, and richer in certain nutrients, making it a good fit for people with specific health goals. Cow milk is good for babies and people with digestive problems and it is also versatile, especially for patients.

It’s completely your choice between buffalo milk and cow milk, you can consume any of it based on your preferences, health goals, and dietary requirements. Whether your taste goes with the creaminess of buffalo milk or with the easily digestible nature of cow milk, both can play a valuable role in maintaining your well-rounded and nutritious diet. Whatever be your choice, for daily, fresh and affordable milk delivery choose Doodhvale.