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Choose The Best Milk Brand In India For Your Family (June 2024)

There are several dairy companies all over the country. The Indian dairy sector has an immense contribution to milk production all over the globe. 

Currently, India ranks first in the world adding almost 25% of global milk production. Milk and its subsidiary products have a huge impact on national GDP. Milk production is a part of the primary occupation performed by a mass population.  

However, if you want to have pure fresh milk straight from the farm, instead of relying on mass-produced milk. Hence, if you want to choose the best milk in India in 2024, it has to be Doodhvale. They offer fresh milk delivery to your home every morning. 

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About 80 million people are dependent on the dairy industry for survival. It contributed 5% to the national income. The amount of milk production and its contribution to the national income is going to increase in future.

Milk can be consumed fresh or modified into finished products like cheese, ghee, butter, curd etc. It is filled with lots of essential protien nutrients required by the body. Explore the detailed breakdown of protein in 500 ml of milk to understand its nutritional value.

Why Doodhvale is the leading brand in India?

Milk companies have played an important role in completing the demands of milk for people especially in the urban localities as fresh milk is not available that easily. In this vast dairy sector of India, a new name is merging Doodhvale

As you go through the various choices and variety of milk brands, you will find that Doodhvale always stands out as the top choice for milk companies in India in 2024. Here’s why it really should be your top choice:


When choosing to buy any product, the price is the main decision criterion. Doodhvale’s prices are already set at affordable rates. On top of that, they offer more benefits. 

They have a free one-month trial subscription of Prime membership. Their Prime membership can get you flat 33% discount on all farm fresh products. 

On top of that, if you use the promo code: FARMFRESH while subscribing to milk then you will get free farm fresh products worth Rs 500/-.

Best quality

Doodhvale’s journey starts with its pledge to provide the best quality milk to its customers. From the lush green farms where the top quality cattle are kept and milked to get you fresh milk daily without any hormones or contamination. 

Fresh milk with a maintained temperature to reach you the earliest in the morning. No adulterations, just pure milk that passes 65+ tests daily to ensure you get the best quality.

Innovation in practices

The rise of any company is in the practices it follows. This stands true for Doodhvale as well. With the adoption of the latest farming and milking techniques and incorporating innovative solutions to ensure the health of our farm cows and buffaloes without using any intrusive techniques, Doodhvale brings you farm-fresh milk. The nearest farm to your city holds the latest technology.

Quality testing

To ensure the best quality, Doodhvale has its testing process where each milk sample is tested on 65+ tests and the lab reports are checked and analysed thoroughly. 

This rigorous quality control measure at every stage of milk production, packaging and delivery is a must to ensure you get the best. This is the trust they build with their customers to never let them when it comes to their dairy products.

Quality consistency

Just testing for quality isn’t everything. Maintaining the quality consistency is equally important. This quality has to be ensured during the entire process from milking the cattle to packaging and delivering. 

To maintain a quality consistency daily, milk is delivered in highly cold conditions as low as 3°C to maintain the quality consistency. You get quality milk daily at your doorstep.

Fast home-delivery

Milk is generally milked from the cattle in the evening and the morning. This milk needs to reach you quickly to ensure adequate freshness. You can order from Doodhvale website or app and get milk in the morning the next day. 

To ensure this, milk is sourced from farms nearest to the outskirts of your city. Fast home delivery of milk is a daily customer experience for our regulars.

Product diversity

Doodhvale’s product range isn’t limited to just milk. They have other products like desi ghee, dahi, paneer, curd, white butter, fresh khoya, Chemical-free Clean Label Breads and more. 

The dairy products are varied to fulfil the demands of the Indian kitchen with everyday dairy essentials. Each of these products is ensured for purity as their milk products.

Doodhvale’s customer-centric practices 

“Best Quality for Customers”. With this belief, Doodhvale has made its customer-centric approach very clear. 

From quality, testing, processing, and production to delivering, each process is designed and done in a way that brings ease or trust to the customers. This way it has made its name as Top Choice. 

Doodhvale is the dream of building a dairy dynasty through farm-fresh milk so that every Indian household has the best quality milk that helps in the growth of your child, makes your bones and teeth strong at no hidden or gradual health risks from silent ingredients found in other packaged milk. 


Go through the article properly. It will help you to choose the best milk brand for your family. Some of the most famous dairy companies are mentioned above. While selecting any company search for its purity, records and freshness. Apart from the details mentioned, check the nutrient value mentioned on the Individual milk packet. However, the best milk in India in 2024 is Doodhvale as they offer a variety of products at affordable prices all fresh and delivered to your home.